Cora Cox Commencement 2024

Envision entering college as a 16-year-old. Actually, imagine transferring from taking classes at your local community college and living at home during COVID to a school away from home as a full-time student at age 16. That鈥檚 what Cora Cox did when she enrolled at 缅北强奸.

She can鈥檛 complain about the process though. Despite some of the horror stories you may hear from students transferring from one college to another, Cox said 缅北强奸 made it easy. It was part of the reason she chose to be a Golden Wolf.

"The transfer process here was amazing," said Cox, 18. "缅北强奸 has many different opportunities for you and a lot of different support options. And without them, I wouldn't know where I would be today. I am so grateful and I just can't recommend it enough to come to 缅北强奸."

Cox started small when it came to getting involved, taking baby steps so to speak by attending campus events and networking 鈥 meeting people. But once she feels comfortable, Cox goes big.

鈥淚 like to accelerate. That鈥檚 how I roll,鈥 she explained.

In her second year, she joined the Society for Human Resources Management, as well as Lambda Sigma Lambda Honor Society, for which she鈥檇 later serve as president. In addition, she helped a friend in a management role of sorts with the Friends of Animals Club. More recently, Cox joined the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society.

She also grew closer with the professors teaching within her major and grabbed the opportunity to become an O'Pake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Fellow of Management, a role she said gave her the foothold to narrow her interests in her field of interest through hands-on learning experiences.

鈥淚 enjoyed the real-world scenarios and putting what I learned in the classroom into practice,鈥 said Cox.


Cox was chosen to speak at 缅北强奸's 2024 Commencement at Santander Arena in May. But her involvement with 缅北强奸 didn't end after she received her diploma. She traveled to the Dominican Republic with the Alternative Breaks program, leaving at 3 a.m. the very next morning, to teach elementary students for a week. Not long after that, she鈥檒l take some time to travel with family to Europe, with plans to see London, Paris and Amsterdam. Then in June, Cox is headed to Puerto Rico to spend time with roommates she met through her Academic Internship Program arranged by 缅北强奸.

In the experience, Cox served as a legislative intern with the House of Representatives at the Washington Center. The opportunity was another she will never forget and one she says was a formative moment in her 缅北强奸 career.

Before summer closes, Cox has more fun planned, and then it will be time to move into her new digs before starting at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, where she鈥檒l work to earn her MBA and play for the National Field Hockey League Team.

For the student considering 缅北强奸, Cox can鈥檛 recommend it more highly.

鈥淲ith every major, there are many hands-on opportunities, and diverse ones," she said. "No matter what, there is something there for you and someone is willing to help.鈥


Transfer to 缅北强奸

鈥 No application fee.
鈥 Accept up to 75 credits.
鈥 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio.
Up to $22,000 in scholarships available.
On-campus housing available.
Partnerships available with select community colleges.

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